Uh-oh. I’m in trouble. I was going to write about something else… then all of the sudden, I’m asked if I read a book from the library.

“No”, I responded.

“Well, what about the Disney book?” my wife asks.

“No…” I say.

And then came the crux question… the one that changed the outcome of this entry.

“Did you send the thank you note?”

Oh crap. I KNEW I had to do it… remember even being REMINDED to do it. But didn’t do it.

I feign horror.

“No.” Thinking fast, I add “Can I send one from Disney?”


Hmmm… guess I can’t blog about random stuff today because I have something I actually have to go write in the physical universe.

A thank you note for a beautiful birthday gift. And in case she reads it here first: “Thank you, GrandMa (on the Albright side)!”