I’ve had some really funky dreams recently. I don’t normally remember them in detail more than 30 minutes or so after I wake up… but I do remember that they were weird.

Hanging out with Tina the other day, I mentioned these dreams, and that I had a fairly odd dream-restriction. I can only dream about things that I’ve actually done in real life – with one exception (sometimes I dream that I can fly).

So, before I went skydiving, I never dreamed about skydiving… but once I finally tossed myself out of a perfectly good airplane, I was able (and did once) to have a dream where I skydove(?). Or, when I was a kid, I realized that I never would have dreams about things like being able to drive… or be older… I was restricted to my actual experience in life.

Generally speaking, I consider myself fairly creative, so I don’t think it’s a lack of an ability to imagine something I’ve never done. And, as I said, I’ve dreamed about flying (though it’s more like an ability to swim in the air, using my hands to “push” the atmosphere around me).

Anyone else similarly limited?