Running for President

Do you remember being young? Ok, forget the fact that you still want to believe that 30-50 is young. I mean, REALLY young… the first 10 years of your life. Everything was based on age and it seemed that there were SO many things to do just 1 year away.

Here’s the list I can think of.

“When you’re ____, you look forward to ____.”

9 … 10 (double digits)
10 … 13 (being a teenager)
13 … 16 (learning to drive)
17 … 18 (being able to vote – and registering for the draft if you’re male, because it’s ok for you to die for your country, but don’t have the maturity to drink quite yet)
19 … 20 (no longer being a teenager – which by then is WAY ripe)
20 … 21 (being able to buy alcohol)
21 … 22 (actually being OLDER than 21)
22 … 25 (quarter century, can now be a US Representative)
25 … 29 (don’t quite want to be 30 yet)
29 … 30 (ok, now it’s time to be an “adult”, can now be a US Senator)
30 … 35 (halfway to the current estimated average human lifespan, can now be President)
35 … 40 (now it’s just a fight against time)
40 … 50 (the big “5-0”)
50 … 55 (something to be said about being as old as the speed limit – 70s/80s version)
55 … 60 (getting ready to retire?)
60 … 65 (1990s+ speedlimit issue again)
65 … 70 (if you’re still healthy, you’re pretty happy, I would hope)
70 … 80 (trying to outlast your children? Naah… just want to see another generation of your progeny)
80 … 100 (ok, at this point, you’re just trying to stay alive to meet Willard Scott)

So, in 3 days, guess which one is me. Yep… and I think I want to run for President!

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t thought about staying alive forever.

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