Tina and I visited San Francisco this past week. In the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center was a display with those ceramic town buildings you can buy at a variety of shops all over. There were McDonalds, a Krispy Kreme, standard houses, storefronts, social services (such a police and fire station).

But boy were there Starbucks’. Several, in fact. More than 3, actually! It was incredible. In one instance, two of the Starbuck’s locations were only one building apart. We thought it was someone’s social commentary on the proliferation of Starbuck’s stores in the world.

Little did we realize that it was merely a true representation of the number of Starbuck’s locations within the city of San Francisco. They were EVERYWHERE! Every block seemed to have one. Sometimes they were really only one or two stores apart. We even found a few locations literally across the street from each other.

Most humorous, though, was the fact that this carried over to other geographic regions, too. Such as Terminal A at the DFW airport. They were no more than 100 feet from each other.

Totally insane. 🙂

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