Treasure Hunting

I’ll admit that I love contests, game shows, puzzles and any other form of semi-intellectual test that might result in winning some sort of prize. Today’s adventure is the NBC show “Treasure Hunters”.

Over the course of several weeks, real people on real teams are running all over the planet trying to solve clues and determine where to go next to find a series of clues. When they have all the clues, they’re supposed to be able to figure out where to go to win a treasure chest of cash/gold/dubloon or some other similar reward. And, to make things more interesting for those of us “at home”, NBC has added an online component where they’ve been offering a contest to also win a cash prize.

Now, the online puzzles are sometimes fun, sometimes a bit challenging (because there aren’t that many instructions/directions or other clues). But overall, it’s not extremely difficult… and if you do this long enough, you should be able to answer a question they ask at the end of every week’s clue.

I didn’t realize until today, however, that there are folks blogging with the exact step-by-step instructions of how to “solve” each clue. And I just don’t get it. If you were trying to win $250,000, and the entrance “fee” is based on your ability to solve the weekly puzzles, would YOU tell other people how to solve them?

Mind boggling. More so than the puzzles themselves.

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