Today was the day that we finally got rid of all of the duplicate, triplicate or other items that we had but no longer had use for.

It’s been a long time coming, actually, and Tina’s been more in favor of the sale and getting the stuff out of our garage. But I agree that having boxes and boxes of unused stuff just sitting around made no sense. So with some advertisements placed in online and in the local paper… and some free signs obtained at Office Max (in fact, check your local Office Max now to see if they still have Avery signs for free – 1 per customer per visit)… and a lot of effort to sort and tag our stuff… we were ready for our first YardSale(TM).

I guess I’m not really clear on the YardSale(TM) rules. We were pretty clear that the sale was going to run from 8am-noon. It said so in the ads. It said so on the signs. We got up at 6am. Almost immediately, we were outside, moving the cars, getting stuff moved to the lawn and out of the garage.

It wasn’t more than 30 minutes later that the first car came slowly crusing by, scouting the situation. And about 4 minutes after that, we had our first buyer. She went poking around and we weren’t event getting the stuff out fast enough. We simply couldn’t believe it! I wonder if these are the same people that show up to a Wal-Mart hours before the store opens (those that aren’t already open 24 hours/day, I suppose) when a new toy is being released. I dunno.

The next thing I don’t understand is about pricing. Now, I’m no stranger to negotiation… and I’m no stranger to wanting to save a buck (see the previous post, for example). But who negotiates over a DOLLAR? Yes, that’s right… a SINGLE DOLLAR. And not just a dollar, but over fifty cents. And over twenty-five cents. And over the smallest amounts of money for decent stuff!

I couldn’t believe this, either. I was so stunned that in many cases, I simply accepted the buyers offer simply because in my head, I didn’t see $.50 as a huge decrease in price. And it would only hit me later that I was cutting 50% off the price… and not just taking fifty cents off a thousand-dollar transaction. It was totally surreal at times. So I started just calling for Tina every time people wanted to know if we’d accept a lower price.

But, as Tina just reminded me, this wasn’t about ME, it was about the buyer. They come to these sales just looking for a bargain… and they’re determined to get one, too. Maybe, if this is the only place where they can find a “deal”, this is how they can feel better about things. Again, I dunno’. The simple question on this is whether people are just looking to save money off the listed price or whether they actually are looking for cheap stuff. In other words, if we priced things higher, would they have settled for the price WE wanted and not on a bargain-basement price? I suggest to the next person having a YardSale(TM) that they price things closer to retail… you can always lower your price later. 🙂

Late in the morning, we were talking with a neighbor who very succinctly stated that some people are simply addicted to the YardSale(TM). And I suppose she might be right. Because at the very end of the sale hours, right about 11:55a, we had our last customer arrive. Driving up in a nice vehicle and looking like any other average 40-something male, this gentleman proceeded to review EVERYTHING we still had out on the lawn.

I don’t mean to say that he just perused. He was ACTIVELY looking for something. Anything. Everything. And about 30 minutes later, as he was leaving with a light fixture, several pieces of women’s clothing, shirts, shoes and a picture frame, did I get the courage to ask him what he was going to do with all of his purchases. Now, understand that I hadn’t asked anyone else this type of invasive question. But I was really curious and it just got the best of me.

His response? He was taking these items to a consignment store for resale. Wow. I simply hadn’t considered that people would buy stuff from us to resell it later somewhere else. Well… I guess everyone wants to make money and this was his way. Far be it from me to slam it. I just don’t understand. Add it to the list, I guess.

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