Flashpoint TV Show

There’s a new show on CBS called Flashpoint. It’s about hostage negotiators and snipers.

Now… I’m into negotiation, so you’d think that I’d love this show. I mean sure, the technology is cool – I wouldn’t mind having someone assist every now and again with a voice in my ear while I’m in the middle of a negotiation… but the rest of the show just drags on.

To be honest, I was hoping for a little less talky-talky and a little more shooty-shooty.

3 thoughts on “Flashpoint TV Show”

  1. Amen Brotha! I thought I’d totally dig that show too since I love that crap. Sadly, being the eternal optimist, I still watch it (well, DVR style) hoping that more actual shots are fired. 🙂

  2. Well Jeff, if I need to hire someone to negotiate me out of a bad deal, I don’t think I’d want any shooty-shooting.
    No offence!
    I like Flash Point, it’s derived from real life situations and made into great TV viewing, something that’s rare these days.

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