Miss Universe Pageant Curse

So, tonight I was watching the 2008 Miss Universe pageant on TV (don’t ask, it was the only thing on). Apparently, tonight was near the end, so there were 8 or so women left – evening gown competition time. Miss USA tripped down the initial step and fell flat on her butt. She was poised, got back up and kept moving as if it never happened.

Tina immediately wondered aloud how long it would take for video to appear on YouTube. So I went to look. Nope… not yet.

UPDATE (7/14/08): Video is now posted:

BUT, there WERE other videos of Miss USA 2007 at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant also falling on her butt.

So, two years in a row, the Miss USA contestant falls at the Miss Universe pageant during the evening gown portion of the event. Doesn’t this qualify for some sort of curse, chant or other superstition?

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